Company Culture

First, the Motto vision – to become the industry leader in industrial carbon products

Become an innovative enterprise, mainly reflected in the provision of solutions to customers, and technical support and service model of innovation;
Do corporate culture with the company’s development and upgrading;
With the characteristics of the company management model and a higher corporate brand awareness;
Become the highest level of employee satisfaction and the highest happiness index of the company
(Staff skills and management level of a comprehensive upgrade, the highest benefits with the industry);

Products in the market share of more than 60%, have a certain influence.
Leader: (1) Technology (2) Quality (3) Soft Culture: Benefits Work Environment, etc.
Industrial carbon products: industrial carbon products are integrated manufacturers

Second, the MOTOR mission – for customers: to provide a package of solutions

For employees: build a sustainable development platform

External: based on the industrial carbon products industry innovation and manufacturing, to provide customers with all-round solution.

Internal: for employees to build a platform to achieve the value of life.

Motto core values ​​- integrity and win-win customer value continued innovation team spirit
(1) fear of the customer

① heavy service: to provide customers with technical support solutions, intentions for customers to create value is the mission of the MOTOR, MOTORA is the direction of all actions, is a measure of customer satisfaction standards!

② excellent quality: all have a strong sense of quality, strict quality control in the production, so that the quality of the future change!

(2) team spirit

① team: no perfect individual, only the perfect team; team outbreak of unparalleled strength;

② spirit: the spirit of sacrifice – there is no personal interests of the sacrifice no strong team;

Spirit of cooperation – cooperation to masterpiece;

The spirit of competition – to maintain the team’s PK spirit; the formation of enterprise sustainability;

Thanksgiving spirit – mutual gratitude to have a strong cohesion.

(3) innovation and change

Change is back, not new is dead Innovation is the soul of the enterprise, only innovation can lead, Motuo people to continue to grow, good at innovation, embrace change; “only entrepreneurship, no business” reflects the spirit of our hard work.

(4) integrity and win-win situation:

Integrity: integrity is the business of the country, integrity is the basic principles of life;

Win-win: customers, suppliers, employees and companies to achieve win-win situation; respect for individuals to establish a fair and impartial corporate culture is the basic principle of win-win cooperation.

(5) Social responsibility:

Enterprise development to comply with the laws of society, we have a strong sense of national mission to operate enterprises, to make some contribution to the community, get the community’s praise.

Fourth, Motto Division training – attitude determines that all the system above all else

Responsible for the post to do this post experts

(1) attitude to decide everything: the same thing, different attitudes, the results will be different. So in order to do things well, you must first attitude is just right.

(2) the system above all else: the system is higher than the leadership, the system determines the success or failure of enterprises, the system determines the development of high and span.

(3) Responsible for the job: doing the right thing is more important than the right thing to do. “Doing the right thing” is the way of thinking before doing things. “Correct work” is the way to do things, is responsible for their own posts.

(4) to do the job experts: success is a simple thing to do, in this post or the process to achieve the ultimate, no one can go beyond, and perseverance to become the job experts.