Embracing change, cast MorTeng”century Foundation”

April 2nd morning, sunny, at the beginning of this warbler. The general manager of Molten technology king, deputy general manager Pan Mujun, deputy general manager of every department, Wei Jing and staff held meeting of the two floor of Molten Technology Co. Ltd. the first quarterly staff meeting room. The conference mainly revolves around “quarterly work report, enterprise culture management” two aspects launches.

At the beginning of the meeting, sales of a manager Chen Rose, sales manager Yuan Jinhuan, respectively, the field of wind power products, industrial cable products in the quarterly quarterly marketing details of the situation, thank you through the efforts to overtake the task, started the 2017 product sales The first shot, while the existing deficiencies and improvements in the proposal; Subsequently, the personnel manager Du Dalui on the recruitment and implementation of the system were reported; production manager Liu Wanchun reported the main achievements of the production sector, as well as existing problems and improvement measures; Finally, the quality manager Xu Yingxiang through the last quarter of the product quality classification of the summary, with data that the production needs to be perfect place for the late production staff to improve the work provided the basis.

The second stage of the meeting, executive vice president Wei Jing first to everyone to sort out the organizational structure of the company, put forward the production of cadres appointed; then, around the corporate culture of the core layer – vision (to become the industry leader in industrial products) And the mission (to provide customers with a package of solutions for employees to build a sustainable development platform), values (integrity and win-win, customer value, continuous innovation, team spirit) these three aspects of a comprehensive and comprehensive exposition, so that employees fully aware of the enterprise The necessity and importance of culture. Finally, the paper puts forward the strategy of corporate culture implementation, and points out the direction of how to implement the corporate culture to the corporate system and practice.

At the end of the meeting, General Manager Wang Tianzi added the contents of the report to the four managers and put forward the rationalization proposal. Then, from the “team building, strategic objectives, forward direction, vision to achieve” and other corporate development content, preached to “how to deal with the difficulties in the work, how to enhance personal ability” and other self-realization content, which all reflect its vision of the company Thinking and grasp, the care and trust of the staff.

Year business by luck, ten years by the strength of enterprises, a hundred years by the culture of enterprises. Motto Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will focus on the coexistence of technology and management, strength and culture, and constantly sum up experience and lack of actively embracing change, conform to the development of the times, cast a ”