MorTeng career Hui Tong configuration wind power takeoff spectrum chapter – Carbon Products Co., Ltd. on Haimo Teng housewarming celebration ribbon-cutting ceremony

MorTeng career Hui Tang structure, wind power show off the Chinese chapter. June 18, 2016, “Shanghai Mauton Carbon Products Co., Ltd. capacity upgrade and the new plant put into operation and MorTeng to celebrate the ribbon-cutting ceremony” in Shanghai Mauton Carbon Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Shanghai MorTeng) new grand held.

Shanghai Anting government leadership Gu Weizhong, China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association of wind energy equipment branch of the Secretary-General Qi and Health, and Guodian joint power, Chongqing sea, in the car, Trinity, Zhuzhou South Locomotive, Longyuan Electric Power, Guodian Electric, Dongfang Electric, Vision Energy And more than 130 representatives of more than 30 wind power-related enterprises, such as Guangdong Mingyang, NAC, XJ Wind Power, Yanda Wind Power, Datang, Shanghai Electric, Huayi Wind Power and China Resources Power Co., Ltd. visited the workshop Of the advanced production technology, attended the celebration of the ribbon-cutting ceremony, and sent to the new site of Shanghai MorTeng blessings.

Shanghai Anting government leader Gu Weizhong said in his speech, this year is both capacity expansion and expansion of the year, but also the opportunity to upgrade business innovation. He hopes that as a joint venture with independent research and development capabilities, Shanghai MorTeng can seize the pulse of the development of the times, focus on product innovation and research and development, from production and sales companies to professional manufacturing and service companies to change, to create more wind power High value.

China National Association of Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, said the Secretary-General Qi and Health, carbon brush and slip ring is a wind turbine in the accessories, although the parts are small, but it is vulnerable parts, if the maintenance will be difficult to bring to the enterprise difficult to estimate loss. Shanghai Mouteng company designed and produced for 1.5MW, 2MW, 2.5MW, 3.0MW, 6MW and other wind turbine slip ring system, able to resist high and low temperature, severe vibration and other harsh environments, effectively improve the fan reliability, by the The wind farm owners, wind turbines and motor products manufacturing enterprises trust.

Shanghai MorTeng to get the trust of many enterprise customers, thanks to the company has been adhering to the “good faith, pragmatic and innovative” concept. According to the general manager of Shanghai MorTeng Wang Tianzi introduced 12 years ago, the company by virtue of excellent professional products, access to the Shanghai Baosteel recognition, which is the first time recognized by customers, but also show the company in the peer value and level. Wang Tianzi stressed that keep making progress, and strive to efficient, win-win cooperation, is the direction of long-term development of enterprises! The future will be able to serve the existing customers will be more customers, to create higher value for customers to build a platform for the development of the wind power industry to make a substantial contribution!

It is reported that Shanghai MorTengwas established in the rise of China’s wind power industry, after more than 10 years of development, Shanghai MorTeng has a carbon brush, brush holder, slip ring, and other three series of more than 200 kinds of more than 3,000 specifications of the product, For wind power, cable, industrial and other related fields to provide a wide range of products. Shanghai MorTeng through the introduction of foreign technology and import the core raw materials, and product innovation and upgrading, the localization of manufacturing, resulting in a significant reduction in imports of related products, has become the wind power carbon brush industry first.