Morteng Technology debuts at Hannover Messe

April 24, 2017, to “the integration of industry – to create value” as the theme of the 2017 Hanover Industrial Fair held in Germany Hanover Exhibition Center. As a “barometer of industrial development in the world”, the conference attracted more than 6,500 exhibitors from 70 countries and regions. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Polish Prime Minister Sidvo attended the fair.

This year, China has become the largest foreign exhibitor in addition to Germany, more than 1,300 leading companies gathered in Hanover, as China’s industrial carbon products industry well-known suppliers, Mo Teng technology with a variety of products debut this Hannover Fair.

At the top of the world’s top industry event, the company has demonstrated its achievements in the field of wind power, industrial and cable motor products, National new patent independent research and development products.

During the exhibition, the booth of MOTOR Technology attracted the exhibitors and exchanges from many countries. Mr. Wang Jianzi, General Manager of Mo Teng Technology, Xu Jian, Director of Foreign Trade and Song Gongping, Minister of Foreign Trade, introduced in detail to the overseas consultants. Carbon products industry qualification and product advantages.

As one of the only companies in China with wind power carbon brush, brush holder, collecting ring, electric slip ring and other products of fully independent research and development capabilities and the most fully produced parts of the company, Mo Teng technology to actively expand overseas markets at the same time, is committed to the global clean energy The development and development of escort.