MorTeng technology for the healthy development of wind power industry escort

October 14, 2015, 2015 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition in China International Exhibition Center (New Museum) was held. As the annual wind power event, the General Assembly attracted more than a dozen countries and regions, hundreds of wind power machine manufacturing enterprises and wind field owners, parts enterprises and technical service agencies exhibitors.

MorTeng technology as the world’s leading supplier of carbon brush, MorTeng technology with a variety of products debut this wind show. MorTeng technology to the industry and exhibitors to show a comprehensive demonstration of the field of wind powerMorTeng wind power over the years achieved fruitful results, at present, MorTeng carbon brush, brush grip products occupy 60% of the domestic market share, its product stability , Long service life and other characteristics by the customer’s praise.

Exhibition MorTeng technology and industry experts and scholars, industry peers and co-customers to explore the future development trend of wind power industry. Oriental wind power grid reporter in the exhibition interviewed the general manager of Shanghai MorTeng Wang Tianzi, Wang introduced to us the development of the past few years, the development process and development trend.

According to Wang introduced, Shanghai MorTeng since 2006 into the field of wind power since the only focus on the carbon products of the process, the use of high quality materials, the pursuit of “quality of survival, to the development of enthusiasm,” the operating principle of the slip ring , Carbon brush field with product advantages. In addition, Shanghai Mauteng in product development and design of the earliest introduction of foreign technology, but in order to better serve the needs of Chinese enterprise customers, and gradually take the road of independent research and development, and continuously improve the quality of the company’s products, and to each Industry users to provide a large number of specifications, excellent performance products. According to the phenomenon of wind power generators susceptible to lightning, specially designed and developed lightning protection grounding brush, to prevent damage to the motor, and access to utility model patents. And the production of wind turbines with carbon brush, brush holder, generator slip ring, electric gear, such as slip ring with independent import and export rights.

It is reported that this Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (CWP), aims to build China’s wind energy authority display platform for the government, developers, product manufacturers, investors to provide effective communication and exchange platform. As a supplier of carbon brushes and brush holders, MorTeng is escorting the healthy development of the wind power industry.