R & D Center


The company has a strong technical research and development team, 2000 square meters of comfortable office environment, the company also introduced a number of power transmission, insulation materials, mechanical and electrical automation experts, and hired well-known institutions of East China University of Science and Technology Dr. special technical research. To provide customers with service support and a package of solutions.Motten firmly believe that “only entrepreneurship, there is no business,” Motto people to continue to grow, must be good at innovation, embrace change.

Morteng for the development of attention, attracting a number of power transmission, insulation materials, electromechanical automation experts, and hired well-known institutions of East China University of Technology PhD special technical research, the company has 21 R & D personnel, research and development and manufacturing a number of National utility model patented product.

Morteng R & D team according to the wind turbine vulnerable to the phenomenon of lightning, specially designed to develop lightning protection grounding brush, to prevent damage to the generating unit. In addition, there are integrated double-fed wind turbine carbon brush holder assembly, for the wind turbine die-casting integrated forming type variable pitch electric slip ring, removable collector ring brush frame structure, high-speed collector device, wind turbine alarm ground Carbon brush components such as more than 10 patent certificate. In the industrial field, Morteng independently developed and produced 1000A high current slip ring system and 15000V high voltage slip ring system to meet the needs of different market conditions.

Change is back, not new is dead Morteng will continue to innovation as the soul of enterprises, and actively carry out technology research and development, power industry for the development of power for the wind energy industry, the new energy industry building blocks!


Morteng Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Testing Center was established in April 2016, the construction area of ​​300 square meters, under the jurisdiction of the test room, environmental laboratory, carbon brush wear laboratory, mechanical action laboratory, high-tech materials laboratory. Follow the corporate strategic planning, the company invested nearly 10 million yuan to purchase a number of advanced detection equipment and test equipment. At present, the testing center has a variety of advanced testing equipment at home and abroad and professional research and testing equipment, nearly 50, including: high and low temperature and low pressure test equipment, carbon brush wear test machine, high and low temperature hot and humid alternating test equipment, Test equipment, salt spray test equipment, programmable constant temperature and humidity test equipment, water test chamber, dust chamber, shaking table, dynamic balancing machine, bending strength test equipment, speeding test machine, Brinell hardness tester Hardness tester, Rockwell hardness, high pressure test equipment, the second element, the thickness of the measuring instrument, and so on. Testing and testing center of the equipment and equipment technical indicators advanced, can be various types of carbon products, windshield ring, electrical slip ring and brush frame of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished mechanical and mechanical performance testing, environmental reliability test work.

The testing and testing center is composed of many wind power industry, senior engineer of carbon products industry and relevant professionals in colleges and universities to form the core technical force of the laboratory, and in accordance with the standardization of laboratory management requirements to establish a scientific and systematic quality assurance system and improve the rules and regulations, To ensure the provision of scientific and accurate test data. Center to scientific rigor, accurate and efficient experimental analysis combined with the years of practical experience in the accumulation of industry as the core, the layout of carbon brush, slip ring and brush and other business areas, close to the production line to provide testing, testing services, comprehensive support for carbon products Material development and reliability verification of wind power products, and strive to build the domestic first-class specialized laboratories and research platform.