Recruitment Automation Engineer


  1. Mechanical or automation related science and engineering, undergraduate or higher;
  2. More than five years of experience in automation design engineers, it is best to have some experience in equipment management;
  3. Proficient in the use of three-dimensional mechanical design software, such as Solidworks, PRO-E, AUTOCAD, etc., can independently design the whole machine equipment, can use the software to complete the mechanical structure design, drawing, motion simulation, strength analysis and so on;
  4. Experience in pipelining design, deep understanding of system integration of automation equipment;
  5. Can carry out the testing and debugging of the automation equipment, and can modify and optimize the mechanical structure according to the debugging result;
  6. The mechanical parts of the processing technology, assembly process familiar with the understanding, in accordance with the drawings on the parts for testing, repair and assembly to guide;
  7. Familiar with the working principle of pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and servo components, and can choose according to the working principle of various standard parts, make standard list;
  8. Familiar with standard and non – standard PLC programming, master assembly language better;
  9. Familiar with the ISO9001 quality management system;
  10. Work seriously responsible, rigorous and meticulous, have a good spirit of innovation and team spirit;


  1. The company’s existing production equipment to upgrade;
  2. Summed up the company’s production department to automate the possibility of transformation and the formation of the prospects report submitted to the decision-making level;
  3. Use all resources to improve the level of automation of the company’s production;
  4. The company’s new equipment in the performance and quality to make confirmation and assessment;