Wind Energy Field

Morteng is the field of wind power, the only domestic can do: carbon brush, brush grip, generator slip ring, electrical slip ring, four major categories of professional production manufacturers. With the major motor manufacturers work closely with the R & D, design slip ring carbon brush frame system for many …

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Industrial field

Shanghai Morteng after years of development, has gradually become China’s main collection ring production base. Among them, we assembled and molded industrial assembly ring production and performance are dominated in the country, from the high current collector ring to the signal …

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Fast Train Industry

Moreteng has been focusing on the locomotive industry for many years and has provided a wide range of products for the locomotive industry, including locomotive slip rings, brush holders and carbon brushes. Among them, we will become a qualified supplier of Spanish Patentes Talgo SL in 2015 …

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Cable equipment field

Shanghai Morteng cable applications by manufacturers: Hefei God horse, Jiangsu Hinding, He Ning electrical, Wuxi Hengtai, force latitude electrical, Changzhou Gordon and so on. Mainly used in a variety of frame-type stranding machine, tube-stranding machine, cage-stranding machine…

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