Cable Equipment Field

The collector ring can be used in any electromechanical system that requires continuous rotation while requiring power and signal transmission from a fixed position to a rotating position. It can improve system performance, simplify the system structure, to avoid the wire in the rotation process caused by sprain, more widely used in the industrial sector, and most of them are running under a variety of harsh conditions, so there will be collecting ring or brush Abnormal wear, brush vibration and sparks and other defects.

In response to these problems, the company introduced a number of power transmission, insulation materials, electromechanical automation experts, and hired well-known institutions of East China University of Science and Technology Dr. special technical research; invested 10 million yuan to create a professional testing and testing center, the product of the Technical parameters and performance to make the test, such as simulation in the speeding; shock; impact; dust; rain; high and low temperature cycle; low pressure; salt fog; mold and other harsh environments.

With the type of motor and the use of working conditions more and more diversified, customers on the sliding ring and carbon brush and other products demand is more and more diversified, specialization, technical support and after-sales service standards are increasing. After years of development, relying on excellent product quality, efficient production efficiency, and actively respond to customer needs, fast delivery characteristics, has become China’s main collection ring production base. Production of the collection ring and carbon brush widely used in major cable manufacturers at home and abroad, with a number of stereotypes products for customers to choose, at the same time according to customer requirements and the actual use of the conditions for the design, improve and fully meet the different customers demand.

In terms of technical support and after-sales service, Mauton engineers serve the world, each engineer has a strong back behind the powerful database and marketing network support. The company will regularly send engineers to visit, understand the use of the product, for the customer to ask questions, once the customer needs, MOTOR commitment to 24 hours arrived at the scene (domestic), to minimize the loss of customers.

Ruo Teng cable products manufacturers are: Hefei God Ma, widely willing to Yongxiong, Baosheng technology, Far East cable, Shanghai Bin name machinery, He Ning electrical, Wuxi Hengtai, force latitude electrical, Shanghai Hong profit, Changzhou Gordon Wait. Mainly used in a variety of frame-type stranding machine, tube-stranding machine, cage-stranding machine, a variety of cable machine, beam machine, wire armor and so on.

MOTOR will continue to customer needs as their responsibility, heavy service, excellent quality, integrity management, embrace change, and actively assume the corporate social responsibility.