Fast Train Industry

For motors, carbon brushes, brush holders, and slip rings are very important parts. The slip ring is responsible for the communication of the rotating body, transporting energy and signal, the carbon brush holder through the spring pressure on the collector ring surface sliding contact with the carbon brush, so that the fixed body and the rotating body between the stable current. Motor in the long-term operation of the process, will inevitably produce wear, carbon brush and motor slip ring wear is mainly due to the interaction between the carbon brush and slip ring face generated, resulting in this kind of wear and tear for two reasons: First, pure machinery Wear; the second is under the action of electric erosion and mechanical wear and tear wear. The causes of wear are mainly related to spring pressure, slip ring temperature rise, current density, carbon brush quality and so on.

Mo Teng needle using their own R & D resources and equipment resources, and actively design and manufacture of practical products, imports of foreign high-quality materials, the introduction of advanced production technology, starting from the product quality and reduce wear problems. The company has focused on the locomotive industry for many years, providing a wide range of products for the locomotive industry, including locomotive slip rings, brush holders and carbon brushes, which are word of mouth over the industry. In 2015, Mauton became a qualified supplier of Spanish Patentes Talgo SL, and long-term supply of bulk locomotive carbon brushes; in the country, Mauton has long been concerned about the development of the locomotive industry, according to Chengdu Motor Co., Ltd. on the motor development plan, 2015 JF210C-310-000 brush box to prepare for the trial work, in order to grasp the JF210C-310-000 brush box all the design ideas of the technical conditions, confirm the design and implementation. At present, the product has been successfully tested, and is taking bulk delivery procedures.

Mo Tuo will adhere to the international perspective to develop development strategies, integration of global resources, to absorb cutting-edge technology, in the locomotive field to make better results.