Industrial Field

Carbon brush is used for the commutator of the motor, as the introduction of the introduction of the current sliding contact body, its conductive, thermal and lubrication performance is good, and has a certain mechanical strength and commutation spark instinct. Almost all of the brush motor are used carbon brush, and slip ring and other parts with the operation, is an important component of the motor.

With the development of science and technology, the type of motor and the use of working conditions more and more diverse, and therefore need to have a variety of different grades of brush and collecting ring to meet these requirements, so the brush and the type of collector ring But also with the development of the motor industry more and more.

Mo Teng can be based on the customer’s motor parameters, applications and carbon brush drawings and samples for customers to choose the most suitable material, brush all imported materials, made of various models of carbon brush products, widely used in the steel industry, mining Industry, paper industry and port industry. In addition, engineers can also be based on customer requirements, the design of various types of slip ring, the products are widely used in packaging machinery, chemicals, metallurgy, cable equipment and other industries.

In addition to the diversification of market demand, the motor in the long-term operation of the process, the continuous wear on the carbon brush, there will be uneven contact, carbon brush pressure is not enough or the collector ring is not round, poor wear resistance and stable sliding contact And so on a variety of situations, these conditions require manufacturers to strictly control the quality of products, and continue to upgrade production technology and research and development capabilities.

MOTORON has always embraced change from the perspective of “customer demand” and “product application experience”. Such as the design of the whirlpool generator brush assembly: the process of changing the carbon brush convenient, carbon brush pressure remains constant, with excellent cushioning performance; with contact surface control function to reduce the carbon brush wear; with current density adjustment function , To avoid manual contact with live parts, will not produce a lot of wrong operation … … through innovative research and development, effectively reducing the product loss, improve the safety factor. In addition, the assembly and molding of the industrial assembly ring, from the high current collector ring to the signal slip ring are a special process to ensure good wear resistance, mechanical strength, long service life.

Mo Teng will continue to uphold the “integrity, pragmatic and innovative” concept of development, and constantly upgrade the R & D technology and testing capabilities, innovative service model, social responsibility, for the development of the electrical industry help.