Wind Energy Field

Although the slip ring in the motor design is only a small part, but it plays a key role in the operation. The operating principle of the slip ring is that the sliding contact transmits electrical signals and energy through the rotary interface in the slip ring assembly. The carbon brush slides on the rotating slip ring and maintains uninterrupted contact during its rotation. That is to say, in order to ensure correct electrical signal transmission, the static carbon brush and the rotating slip ring need to be in contact.

Therefore, the conductivity of the material used in the carbon brush must be good, the pressure of the conductive slip ring should be appropriate, slip ring eccentric and shaking the amount of small, good wear resistance, friction torque is small, signal transmission and product quality can be guaranteed.

In response to these circumstances, the company has developed a number of utility model patent products, such as the domestic exclusive large-capacity new structure of the electrical slip ring, the use of double chute multi-contact structure to ensure stable signal transmission, but also for A variety of harsh environments, the service life of up to 20 years. Such as the new material CT53 carbon brush, slip ring effect is good, can effectively protect the slip ring, and the use of high-tech light black manufacturing, suitable for overload or low load motor. In addition, there are a series of innovative products such as lightning protection grounding brush for preventing the generator unit from being damaged.

With the development of science and technology, the type of motor and the use of working conditions more and more diversified, customer demand also showed a “diversification, specialization” features. Mau Tuo face this situation, proposed for customers to customize custom “personalized” products, to provide professional technical advice, the overall solution and quality after-sales service, in addition to customers can also demand, Carbon brush frame system to optimize, as well as shaft extension, grounding brush holder and other technical changes.

Over the years, Motto rely on integrity and product quality to maintain word of mouth, brand management, brush grip has occupied 60% of the domestic market, all kinds of products have also been the major domestic and foreign fan manufacturers bulk applications. “Walk in the forefront of the industry, conform to the development of the times, for the wind energy industry, new energy to make their own contribution” is the pursuit of each Moto people.